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 Group Therapy 

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Benefits of Group Therapy


Initially, a benefit for the patient is the realization that other individuals endure the same problems. Also, the group setting helps and allows new skills to flourish when relating to others. These new skills attained in group can be used outside the group in everyday life. In addition, group members can offer support for each other, and can offer suggestions dealing with particular problems.


What to Expect


The sessions for Group Therapy may vary depending on the category and age group targeted; however, the basic format is a small group of patients (no more than ten) meet on a regular basis to address feelings, problems, and provide mutual support. The session is guided by a professional therapist, who acts as moderator and will suggest the theme or topic of that session, along with special activities.

Social Skills Therapy for Children with ADHD & High Functioning Autism

Ages: 5-10


Social Skills

This group therapy will help your child develop and practice social skills needed during childhood. These include pragmatic communication, appropriate social interaction, and emotional regulation for better functioning in their daily life. Themes include: sharing, taking turns, cooperating, integrating into a group, communicating effectively with others and establishing positive relationships.

Psychoeducational Groups for Children K-2nd grade


This group therapy will help your child develop and practice anger management techniques, problem solving skills, emotional regulation, social skills, improve his or her self esteem and learn strategies to cope with bullying. Additionally, children will learn relaxation skills in order to improve their emotional wellbeing.

Psychoeducational Groups for Children 3rd-5th grade 


This group therapy will help your child develop age appropriate problem solving skills, social skills, emotional regulation and anger management strategies. This group emphasizes the behavioral and emotional development of the child. Anxiety reduction and relaxation skills will be taught in order improve their emotional development.

Psychoeducational Groups for Children 6th-8th grade 


This group therapy will teach your child about conflict resolution and decision making. Additionally, this group will help your child build his or her self-esteem through discussions, activities, and coping strategies. Your child will learn information about low self-esteem, how it develops, how it is maintained, and how to address this problem. 

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