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 Behavioral Therapy 

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Benefits of Behavioral Therapy 


Behavioral therapy is an action-based therapy that looks to foster positive behavior change. In behavioral therapy, the goal is to identify patterns of behavior and environmental contingencies that maintain the unwanted behavior. After behavior patterns and maintaining factors are identified, the therapist looks to eradicate maladaptive behavior and replace it with alternative appropriate behaviors.

Types of Therapy Offered


We offer various modalities of behavioral therapies. Individual behavioral therapy can help children and adolescents with ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, and Conduct Disorder learn alternative ways of behaving and functioning at home and at school. Additionally, Parent Training family sessions can help caretakers learn to implement strategies to manage their child's behavior problems. Lastly, in a group setting behavioral management techniques are taught in order to help children improve their behavior and attention/concentration skills.

Individual Behavioral Therapy

Individual BT

Individual therapy employing behavior modification can help your child with ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Conduct Disorder and other behavioral and impulse control disorders learn adaptive behavior skills. Children are taught through reinforcement, shaping, modeling and rehearsal appropriate ways of behaving in different challenging situations. This therapy is suited for school-aged children facing behavioral difficulties, as well as adolescents facing behavioral and impulse control disorders. 

Behavioral Parent Training

Family BPT

In order for appropriate behavior to generalize and unwanted behavior to completely decrease in your child with behavioral difficulties, you, as a parent will have to learn behavior management strategies that work and implement them at home. We will teach you strategies that  work to manage your child's difficult behavior and ensure therapeutic gains are generalized and maintained across various areas of his life. 

We specialize in providing behavioral parent training for families struggling with their child's behavior problems. 

Behavioral Group Therapy

Bx Group Therapy

Children with ADHD and other behavioral and impulse disorders have difficulty following directions, staying seated appropriately, and sustaining attention for prolonged periods of time. Through behavioral group therapy we employ behavior modification techniques and group contingencies in order to reinforce instances of appropriate behavior in a group setting. This type of intervention has been proven to improve children's behavioral functioning at school.

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